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Farewell to a Respected Team Member

September 3, 2013


Good Morning,


I wanted to inform you both that I will be taking a leave of absence for an extended period of time. My fiancé is finishing Physician Assistant school and accepting a job in Chicago. I will be going with her and will be taking up a position myself. We will be leaving in October and see how everything works out closer to our families.


With that being said, I wanted to say how thankful I am for the opportunity you both have given me. Flying with Trinity has been a wonderful experience and absolutely the best job I could ever imagine. Everyone is so wonderful to work with and truly kind.


I will be sure to stay in touch!


Thank you ever so much,





Thank you to Trinity for Saving an Anniversary Celebration

August 31, 2013


In July, on a cruise in the Baltic, my wife, Audrey, took ill & ended up in Helsinki Hospital, & our insurance papers were not with us. Holland America hooked us up with your Co., and I want to say Thank You to those folk who kept in touch & acted for us, especially Thomas, whom I spoke to several times. We finally got home, with a paramedic assisting, and thus will be able to celebrate our 63rd Anniversary, 9th Sept.


Thank You again,





A Tremendous Thank You Trinity Air Ambulance, from the Norries

August 19, 2013


Lisa, You did an outstanding job of caring for our son Erik, and we thank you with all our hearts!

I just wanted to express my deepest thank you to Trinity Air Ambulance for saving my life from the Shark bite in the Bahamas. Not only did you save my life you saved my leg. I would be more than happy to give a video or written testimonial about your services any time you would like. Thank you Lisa for the vision and the need for this type of service. I would like to thank the Doctor, and the others that were on the plane. I don’t even know their names. I am walking! Please forward my deepest thanks and sincerest appreciation to the pilots, the paramedics, and the doctor on board. Truly a blessing.


Erik Norrie


August 4, 2013


Lisa, You did an outstanding job of caring for our son Erik, and we thank you with all our hearts!

You and your team are tremendous!


Jack B. Norrie and Connie M. Norrie (Dad & Mom)




Thanks again to Trinity Air Ambulance

July 27, 2013


Thanks Thomas and Lisa and Miguel. You did some amazing work in very little time dealing with the outer reaches of air availability. I am truly grateful and most appreciative. Without your help, I’d still be sitting in bed in Mozambique. I’m sure the first pilot will remember the experience of an American signing loudly in the back of the plane to deal with the pain. Don’t think the song will make the Top 10. Everything went like clockwork. Hope To land in Seattle in 6 hours.


My wife wanted to add that she thought George was an angel when he appeared at the Hospital in JB to get us to the airport.


Thanks again. I am deeply grateful.





Thank You Trinity Air Ambulance, From The Bottom of My Heart

July 23, 2013




I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for making that whole experience feel much easier than it should have. I have nothing but gratitude and respect for you and your coworkers. Outcome couldn’t have been better. One fractured rib, contusions and tissue damage between ribs, but nothing serious. Should be back in good shape in no time. Hope all is well with you and your family, they are very blessed to have you in their lives. I’ve told everybody but my little grandma, some things are better left unmentioned, and they have gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable. Ive attached a copy of my resume. If you know anyone that needs a captain, feel free to give me a call. Keep saving lives!

Thanks again





Jon O.



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