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Thank You Trinity Air Ambulance, for Providing Excellent Service

July 8, 2013


Hello Lisa!


We thank you for your assistance and would like to compliment Trinity Air Ambulance for the exceptional service provided – not only transporting our patient safely and caring, but also keeping us informed of each and every step of the way. The itinerary was exact, and no, that’s not all: you also helped us finding the best hospital and doctor for our client. There’s no need to say you went way beyond your obligations and our expectations. But I know you are used to receiving compliments like this, so I’m not saying anything new. We also hope to work with Trinity again in the near future


Thank you very much for the information and the follow up you’re providing


I`m amazed with you and your company’s competence.


All the best,


Suellen L.


Thank You Trinity Air Ambulance, From a Fellow Aeromedical Professional

July 5, 2013


You guys were fabulous!! As a flight nurse in 1981 on the 10th civilian rotor wing in the nation and establishing 4 aeromedical programs through the years, and a flight physician through 2001, I can truly say job well done!! Joe and Tim were awesome!!!!


Dr. Lesa Jordan


A Wonderful Thank You Letter to Holland America Line and Trinity Air Ambulance

June 22, 2013




RE: Myers Alaskan Cruise – May 26, 2013


On the last day of our cruise, Ron blacked out in the hallway on the way to an excursion to Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC, Canada.


This could have been a devastating experience and was terrible for us; however, your ship crew and the contract company who handled everything for us were amazing. As soon as Ron hit the floor there was a young man there who knew just what to do. I wish we had got his name but we failed to do it. He brought towels and had a nurse attending Ron in just minutes. It was reassuring to know that he was there.


The ship nurses and doctor were very kind and informative. They ran the necessary tests on Ron and recommended that we go to the hospital in Victoria.


Then trinity Air took over and made sure we were taken care of. We were so grateful they were there. We would have been lost without them. They called the hospital to see how we were doing, talked with the nurses, changed reservations and even got reimbursement for the airline tickets we had to change.


Since we have been home, Ron has spent 2 weeks in the hospital and got a pace maker. He is doing well.


Please accept this as a big thank you from us for your attention and the attention of those you employ. We couldn’t even think and they all took over for us and helped us in a time of great need.


Thank you for your help.




Ron and Nancy M.


Cc:      Trinity Air Ambulance
           3535 Galt Ocean Dr.
           Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308


An Advocate for Trinity Air Ambulance

June 8, 2013


Good Morning,


I just have an inquiry that is not really that important..:) I just want to check what are the health/travel insurance company that your company is accredited? I am also in the healthcare profession and over the past few years that I have been in the Caribbean I noticed that our patient’s have always been receiving a very fast and excellent response and service from your company. I am currently using BUPA travel insurance and I hope they usually call your company if there is a need to, not that I am hoping for an emergency to happen but better be prepared and sure that I have the best people to look after our family.




K. A.


A Modest “Thank You” to Trinity Air Ambulance

May 24, 2013


Dear Inger-Lisa,


This is just a short note to update you and your staff regarding my husband. He has been diagnosed with malaria. He will be here at Jackson North for another two weeks.


Until I can write you a proper letter expressing our gratitude for all that your staff, flight crew, clinical flight team and Dr Levy have done for my husband this modest email will have to do.


I will be in touch upon our return home to Maine.


Most gratefully,


Sue S.


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