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Trinity was called in the early morning hours of July 7th for the urgent evacuation of Haiti’s First Lady, Martine Moise, from Port au Prince, Haiti.  Special approvals and security clearances were approved, and Trinity’s pilots and medical team were airborne. Without delay Trinity landed back in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and ground transported the First Lady to a local trauma center for continued treatment of her injuries. Trinity would like to thank all Government officials, state and local agencies and private security for all their assistance to help ensure this safe and timely medical transport.https://www.local10.com/news/local/2021/07/07/first-lady-of-haiti-martine-moise-arrives-in-south-florida-for-treatment-after-being-shot-multiple-times/

Any statements or opinions expressed by news and magazine sources are those of their respective authors. Trinity Air Ambulance provides medical services; Skylink Jets operates and provides aircraft services for Trinity Air Ambulance.



Man attacked by shark thanks rescuers who flew him to safety
January 24, 2014

Trinity Air Ambulance Transported Mr. Erik Norrie from Abaco Island, Bahamas to Miami, Florida.
Angela Rozier, ABC West Palm Beach, Covers a Follow-Up Interview with Norrie


A Florida man survives a brush with death not once, not twice, but three times, and now he’s thanking his emergency responders who flew him to safety.

Erik Norrie has recovered from a shark bite that took place July 29 while he was with his family in the Bahamas.

Norrie lost a large portion of his leg and had to undergo a skin graft procedure. He spent months in recovery and rehabilitation.

He was in Fort Lauderdale on Friday morning to thank the president of Trinity Air Ambulance.

“Pretty hairy situation, nearly lost my life,” Norrie said. “I thought I was going to lose my leg, but thankfully because of Trinity Air here in Fort Lauderdale, they were able to rescue me and get me to help in Miami quickly.”

“When we get to meet some of our patients that we helped assist, that really affirms why we’re here and it makes us feel good, our whole team,” Trinity Air Ambulance President Tor Skroder.

Norrie is no stranger to danger.

The St. Petersburg man also survived two lightning strikes, a rattlesnake bite and two separate monkey attacks.

“No matter what happens, just trust the lord,” Norrie said.

His father, Jack Norrie, is just glad he survived.

“He does a little bit of world traveling and gets himself into some jams on occasion, but, you know, he’s come out happy, so that’s the main thing,” Jack Norrie said.




Chefs Up Front earns $20,000 for food education program
Sunday September, 8 2013

Air Ambulance Miami Herald

Is cooking at home becoming a lost art? FLIPANY (Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth) is trying to change that through programs that teach kids about nutritious foods and how to prepare them, as well as the importance of regular exercise. The organization, which began in Broward in 2005 and now serves all of South Florida, hosted a fundraiser at the W Fort Lauderdale that earned about $20,000. Like many other charitable events, Chefs Up Front drew on the talents of a number of South Florida’s top culinary professionals. This one was different, however, because instead of sample tastings, each table in the ballroom had its very own chef, who created an entire three-course dinner from beginning to end. Each chef had a very visible preparation station, so guests could watch him or her perform the culinary magic. Thus, partygoers experienced an entire meal from one of several restaurants, and could also browse the room to see what others were offering. Guests smart enough to make reservations early, well before the event sold out, could choose their tables.

Participants chefs included Jeremy Ford, 3030 Ocean, Bryce Statham, Blue Moon Fish Company, Marc Gruverman, Capital Grille, Robyn Almodovar, Palate Party, Vitangelo Recchia, Indigo, Stanton Bundy, Royal Pig Pub, Christian Rassinoux, Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa, Chris Maracolo, S3, Jason Smith, Steak 954, and Carlos Jorge, W Fort Lauderdale.

Jorge, who served as host chef, said he got involved with FLIPANY because his daughters, ages three and five, brought home to him the importance of helping less fortunate families eat healthfully. “I couldn’t imagine being in a position where I couldn’t provide them with nutritious meals,” he said.

Master of ceremonies Ryan Phillips, NBC6 meteorologist, spoke about FLIPANY’s Share Our Strength Cooking Matters program, which teaches kids and their families meal preparation skills and provides information about basic nutrition, food safety, menu planning, food budgeting and healthy snacking.

Dr. Jeff Levy, a physician whose wife, Alice, was a Chefs Up Front committee member, said he thinks many people don’t realize what a serious problem obesity is. “I consider it to have a worse prognosis than most cancers,” he said. “It’s a life-threatening disorder.” Event chair Dr. Colin Knight, a pediatric surgeon, wrote in a program message that Cooking Matters can go a long way in helping to counteract obesity, which is often exacerbated by the overuse of fast food. “For what better way to change the lives of these children, and families as a whole,” he said, “than to teach them to prepare healthy, nutritious and affordable food at home.”




Bahamas Shark Attack Victim Speaks
August 1, 2013

Trinity Air Ambulance Transported Mr. Erik Norrie from Abaco Island, Bahamas to Miami, Florida.




Medical Equipment Donated by Trinity Air Ambulance Saves Life
March 16, 2012

Trinity Air Ambulance in Sun-Sentinel.com




Man Shot in Haiti Thanks Rescuers
January 31, 2012

Trinity air ambulance services ABC News
Man shot in Haiti thanks Trinity Air Ambulance Service
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Air Ambulance Business Takes off
September 27, 2010

Trinity Air Ambulance International Fox Business
Trinity International Air Ambulances Service - FoxBusiness.com
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Trinity International Air Ambulance Service - Fox Business
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Inger Lisa Skroder soars high on wings of empathy and enterprise:
September 23, 2010

The Enterprising Woman
Inger Lisa Skroder - The Enterprising Woman
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Entrepreneur Brings Help to New Heights: Trinity Founder profiled on ABC Channel 10 News
April 16th, 2010
Just Air Ambulance  News

On April 16th, 2010 Inger-Lisa Skroder, founder and owner, of Trinity Air Ambulance was interviewed by ABC reporter Laurie Jennings of WPLG Channel 10 News station and featured as one of a select few female entrepreneurs in South Florida that are making a difference.

Trinity Air Ambulance was started by Inger-Lisa Skroder in 1999. The company began with an idea stemming from her back ground in the medical field and has grown over the past 12 years to become the bench mark in the Air Ambulance service industry.



Hilton Head Man Put His Money Where His Heart was for Haiti
February 27, 2010


Trinity Air Ambulance’s medical team evacuated a Haitian Medical Doctor from Port-au-Prince, Haiti the day before his 56th birthday to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for medical treatment following the 7.0 earthquake.

A Haitian Medical Doctor injured in last Tuesday’s earthquake in Port-au-Prince was flown via air ambulance to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for medical treatment. The Doctor was severely injured during the earthquake when the building he was in came down on top of him, puncturing a lung, fracturing ribs and partially paralyzing his left arm.

Trinity Air Ambulance’s medical team accompanied Doctor Jean Duva out of Haiti on Saturday January 16th, after friends of the Doctor’s from Norcross, Georgia contacted Trinity, a Fort Lauderdale based air medical services company. Trinity Air Ambulance coordinated the medical services and the admission to the treating facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Trinity with Skylink Jets, the aircraft operator, preformed the first civilian air ambulance medevac out of Port au Prince, Haiti after the earthquake and completed 10 medical evacuations within the first 48 hours of the earthquake.

It turned out to be an early birthday gift for Doctor Duval as his birthday was on Sunday, January 17th. As of this writing the Doctor remains in stable and improving condition as reported by his family and friends. It will be a birthday that he will never forget.



Medical Skill Saves a Life After Shark Attack
Aventura, FL (April 20, 2009)

John Emory never imagined that he could be attacked by a shark while standing in only three feet of water in the ocean. On Sunday, January 25th Emory, a civil contractor, went spear fishing with his friend, an ex-diver for the US Navy, off the coast of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, when he felt a surge of water.


“I thought it was simply a sudden surge, when instantly I felt as if I had been hit by a car or struck by a baseball bat on the leg,” said Emory, “That’s when I realized that a shark had attacked me and held my left leg between its jaws to devour me. I punched its head with all my might, but it was as if I’d hit concrete covered in sandpaper.”


Emory managed to fight off the shark and climb out of the water onto a nearby rock, where his friend came to his aid, applying a tourniquet to contain the hemorrhaging. “The wound was very big. I was bleeding, my blood pressure dropped, and I thought I was going to die. I felt as if I were dreaming. It was a nightmare,” said Emory.


At 12:50 pm that same day, Trinity Air Ambulance was called by the MEDEVAC Coordinator at US Naval Hospital in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for what they were told was the US Naval Hospital’s “First Ever Shark Bite”. The patient, Emory, had significant blood and tissue loss to his left calf and needed to be air ambulanced as soon as possible to the US mainland.


Trinity Air Ambulance, a select rapid response provider with multi-year special permits required by the US Government in order to be able to land in Cuba, immediately activated their pilots and medical flight team upon receiving the initial call. After consulting with the US Naval Surgeon to determine the severity of Emory’s injuries, the team determined that Aventura Hospital and Medical Center would be the best facility to treat the “Shark Bite”. Dr. Jeffrey Levy, an excellent critical care specialist, was contacted to accept the patient. Dr. Martin Grossman, a general surgeon who serves as the Chief of Surgery at Aventura Hospital, and his son Dr. David Grossman, also a general surgeon, were then called to perform immediate surgery to save Mr. Emory’s leg.


Emory was flown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and then transported by ambulance to Aventura Hospital and Medical Center. “There, they miraculously saved me,” said Emory.


Drs. Martin and David Grossman managed to preserve Emory’s muscles and tendons and reattach them to the bone. “It was just like a jigsaw puzzle,” they described.


Dr. Martin Grossman agreed that Emory’s recovery was a miracle. “Number One, it is a miracle that he has his leg,” he stated, “Number Two, it is a miracle that he healed without infection; Number Three, it is a miracle that he has movement and he can use his leg without any difficulty of range of motion or anything else.”


The International Shark Attack File predicts that the number of shark attacks should rise each year as more people take interest in aquatic recreational activities. But Emory suggests others can avoid shark encounters by simply familiarizing themselves with the area. “A river flows out close to the place where I was attacked, and sharks go there to find food. Had I known that, I would never have gone into those waters.”


Today, thanks to prompt and first class care provided by the accepting Physicians, Aventura Hospital and Trinity Air Ambulance, John Emory, “Shark Bite” victim, is walking.



Westerdam Medical Team Meets Trinity Air Ambulance Team
March 30, 2009
Westerdam Meets Trinity Air Ambulance
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Trinity transports gun shot victim from Honduras to Saskatoon, Canada.
On March 7, 2009 Trinity Air Ambulance medical team assisted a critically injured patient from Honduras to his home city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Three newspaper articles were written regarding this medevac:
The StarPhoenix March 9, 2009 & March 14, 2009
The Leader Post March 9, 2009



Trinity assists a young boy, Justin Heilman, back home to NY
June 2007

Fox 35 Orlando and Fox 5 NY


Trinity Air Ambulance stepped in to contribute their services to transfer a boy who was stuck in Orlando by insurance rules that would not pay to transfer him home to New York. Justin Heilman was stricken with a mysterious illness while vacationing in Orlando. After 6 weeks of testing, the doctors were unable to determine the cause and the family was desperate to return home to their own doctors and family support. Trinity Air Ambulance, with the help of several generous companies (Aztec Jet Center, at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Sheltair at Orlando Executive Airport and Sheltair at Farmingdale-Republic Airport in New York) pulled together with donations of time, services and fuel to make it happen.

Fox News 35, Orlando featured the story and sent their reporter to accompany the Heilmans on board the ‘Red Jet’ Air Ambulance to New York. Fox News 5, New York also provided coverage of the flight and Justin’s arrival home.



FOX NEWS 35, Orlando – June 13, 2007
“Sick Child Finally Going Home”
David Martin and Amy Kaufeldt


FOX NEWS 35, Orlando – other related stories
“Sick Child Going Home”
“Sick Boy Getting Help”
“Sick Child Makes Progress”



FOX NEWS 5, New York – June 13, 2007
“Sick Brooklyn Boy Returns to New York from Florida”
Lisa Cabrera

FOX NEWS 5 was there to welcome Justin home to New York.


FOX NEWS 5, New York – other related stories
“Exclusive: Stranded Boy”



Newspaper article: “Dieron alas buenos corazones” Orlando
June 2007

El Neuvo Dia Orlando


“GENEROSA. La intervención de Inger Lisa Skroder, enfermera y una de las dueñas de Trinity Air Ambulance, fue decisiva para que el pequeño Justin fuera trasladado gratuitamente a Nueva York, pues el viaje hubiese costado entre $15 y $18 mil.”



A&E Television Series ‘Intervention’

Trinity Air Ambulance on A&E

(A&E is a registered trademark of Art and Entertainment television network. All rights reserved).


In 2005 Trinity was contacted by the producers and creator of Intervention to donate Medical Escort assistance for their clients. Trinity has donated both Air Ambulance and Medical Escort services for multiple episodes of A & E’s Intervention series in 2005 and 2006.

Inger Lisa Skroder MN ARNP, Edward Bello, RN and Tor Skroder, RN volunteered as Nurse Escorts during the filming of several episodes, assisting men and women safely to treatment facilities.

Trinity is excited to be a part of this “life changing” program.

A&E aetv.com/intervention

Season 1 – Episode 11 “Rachel” – Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 15 “Audrey” – Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 19 “Kristen” – Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 21 “Billy” – Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 25 “John” – Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 26 “Follow-Up on Rachel” – Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 27 “Tammi and Daniel” – Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 28 “Mike and James” – Tor
Season 2 – Episode 29 “Tim” – Edward
Season 2 – Episode 30 “Betsy” – Marlene
Season 2 – Episode 34 “Lauren” – Inger Lisa



ABC NEWS 10 – Manatee Rescued from Cayman Islands
August 2006
Jeff Weinsier, Dwight Lauderdale, and Laurie Jennings

Trinity Air Ambulance ABC News


Trinity assisted in rescuing a rare baby Caribbean Manatee from the Cayman Islands. The
baby manatee was flown to his new home, the Lowry Park Zoo, in Tampa, Florida.

When Trinity received a call for help to save this infant manatee, they immediately volunteered. Thank you to all the volunteers from the Cayman Islands and in the U.S. for all their support. A big thanks to Jeff Weinsier and camera-man Frank at Local 10 News.



Trinity Air Ambulance Service Hurricane

                       Hurricane Ivan – September 2004


Trinity Air Ambulance’s medical team was the first to arrive in the Cayman Islands post Hurricane Ivan. With them they brought much needed medical supplies, drinking water, and equipment. Trinity also assisted in the medical evacuation of the sick and injured to the United States. Over half a dozen medical evacuations were performed within one week to help those in need.


•Trinity Air Ambulance is US licensed and    insured

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